I453: Computer & Information Ethics (Fall 2015)

Z513: Organizational Informatics (Spring 2018)

Introduces information, technology, and social behavior in the organizational context. Concepts of organization behavior, knowledge and information management, and organizational intelligence provide a critical foundation for managing information, people, and information and communication technologies in rapidly changing and dynamic environments.

Z514: Social Aspects of Information Technology (Fall 2017)

The objective of this course is to help students think critically and constructively about information technology and its relationship to work, leisure, and society at large. The course will explore the ways in which a wide range of academics, activists, and opinion-leaders talk about the nature and uses of information technology in a number of settings.

Z556: Systems Analysis and Design (Spring 2018)

Using a user-centered approach to information systems, this course covers information systems designed to conform to the needs of users.

S573 : Education of Information Users (Spring 2013)

This course introduces education of information users in various settings. It reviews important educational theories for application to secondary school, university, and corporate settings which provide education and training programs to teach students and employees skills and knowledge necessary to perform tasks. Active learning, teaching techniques, instructional design, e-learning, and information literacy will be included.

S518: Communication in Electronic Environments (Spring 2009)

Examines conceptual perspectives on information in organizations, covering topics such as types of information, information activities, organizational culture and information technology, communication as information flow, obtaining and using information from the environment, managing information in specialized extended communities, and ethical and quality issues. Focus varies by type of community studied.

S519: Evaluation of Information Systems (Spring 2008)

Theoretical and practical exploration of the issues surrounding contemporary information systems. A specific focus will be on evaluating information systems from the user perspective. This evaluation approach will cut across disciplinary frameworks: behavioral, cognitive, and social sciences.

S532 (L571): Information Architecture for the Web (Spring 2004)

Focuses on web site development. Students study information architecture as an approach for site organization and design, and learn about complex web development tasks. In lab sessions, students work with advanced markup languages and scripting and develop sites, typically for real clients.